Ready, Set, Succeed!

Success to me is putting your divine purpose to work in service to another and profiting while doing it.

The reason why success is so difficult for some to define, recognize, and even to obtain is because it takes work. I would sing “I just want to be successful” in my most sincere Trey Songz voice, but I was not doing the work that was required to reach success. Success demands leadership characteristics. We all like to think of ourselves as a leader, but when we continuously follow the same habits we’ve always followed that has kept us stagnant at a mediocre level, we’re displaying follower characteristics. So why is it that we’re afraid of making that step to change?

1. We’re afraid of success. Can I keep it up? Will I fail? The answer to that challenge is to build your self-esteem and confidence.

At a leadership conference Brand consultant, Shirelle Latortue from wWb stated, ” You can not brand anything you’re not confident in.”

You are your brand, be confident!

2.  We have more excuses not to than will power to make that next step.  “I’m a single mom with no help.” “I don’t have time.”

Fear and excuses are like leaches. They suck the desire to seize opportunity out of you.

Life coach, Dr. Stacia Pierce, stated, “Excuses are dream delayers.”

I’m on this growth journey just like you, so I’m challenging all of you to address whatever idea you have that keep pressing on your heart today! You have pen, paper, a dream and a vision to carry it out which are more powerful start up tools than the money you don’t have. Start today writing down your ideas and add to it more and more everyday. The more attention you give to it, the more it will grow. Soon you will start to see opportunities arise, just don’t hesitate to grasp it. 

Must see video: Success, How bad do you want it?


Positivity, try some. It does things for you!

I had a moment where I started to feel down on myself. Not because things were not happening for me, but because things were not happening the way I had originally planned them to happen. I’m convinced the reason we start to down ourselves is because we’re comparing our success stories, or have a lack of confidence in our own abilities. The moment was very brief though because


I refuse to live a defeated life and have a defeated mentality.” 


I have great encouraging people around me to help keep me focused.”

After prayer and listening to some inspirational tunes I was back on my 1-2 step ready to conquer the world again. It’s amazing what a little positivity can do to you.

Yep, Positivity does something to you!

Think about Pharrell William’s song Happy, a triple platinum hit that went viral across the world because of it’s positive message. When you listen you can’t help but shake a little, or clap, or tap your feet and nod to it. The song became an epidemic. Why? Because the positivity that flowed from the hit awakened gratefulness and hope out of you. Well at least it did for me. Here are a few other positive magnets I draw from…

1. A positive message gives me hope for my future. As a result every morning I’m expecting a great thing to stem from that positive message I heard.

  • Expectations fuels hope. Expect the Great!

2. Positive movers and shakers around me inspires me to get to moving myself.

  • Your great idea will never be any use to anyone else unless you share it.

3. Positive people lifts spirits, create beautiful smiles, and ultimately change lives.

  •  Someone at some point has done it for you. Are you doing your part?

Whatever you need to do to get that extra boost whenever you’re lacking (& it happens to us all), find your positive go-to book, blog, or person and re-up on your daily dose of goodness. That’s right, make it a habit because we deserve to live our very best everyday!

Need help finding a little positivity? Don’t worry, I gotcha!

Kristen Mellette’s blog Fashion by Faith

Joel Osteen’s Today’s Word daily emails

Got Runner’s itch?



So you’ve made up in your mind that now is the time, I’m going to start walking/jogging. I’m getting fit, enjoying nature and about a mile through the trail you start getting an itching sensation. You think oh something has bit me and you start scratching and you can’t stop. The itching becomes so annoying and after you’ve just about scratched all of the skin off of your body you just stop walking and go home. So much for day 1 on the trail or day 1 back on the trail. I know these two words doesn’t even seem like they belong in the same sentence, but it certainly happens and can be very annoying. Don’t worry, you’re not allergic to the outdoors (or maybe you are), but it’s more than likely runner’s itch. After a hiatus from the walking trail I’ve experienced runner’s itch myself the first time back. 

There are two reasons that I’ve found why this happens. One being when you start walking the blood flow through your blood vessels and capillaries increase in order to get to the muscles. Someone’s capillaries that’s used to living a sedentary lifestyle have collapsed slightly (which is normal) because they do not require a lot of blood flow, so in order to accommodate the increased blood flow during exercising, the capillaries expand. During that process adjacent nerves are sparked sending signals to the brain that say’s scratch me! To prevent this from happening keep those capillaries open by staying active. Don’t quit!


Some believe runner’s itch is an histamine response to prevent the body from going into exhaustion during the exercise and suggest you take an antihistamine before workout.

Good news is after about the first day or two it usually doesn’t happen again or is much less of a problem. Run on!!

“And then it came to me like an epiphany…”

I went out of town to handle some business and decided to make the trip worth while by stopping at one of my favorite restaurants. I ordered my entree and thought to myself, “I might as well get my favorite appetizer.” Then did some more thinking and thought, “Why not finish it off with this tasty desert?” So the total bill came up to around $30. I knew I probably shouldn’t have stopped there because when you’re establishing a budget you get those “Don’t buy that” inklings in your head. Nevertheless in that moment of satisfying my temporary pleasure, I set my monthly budget for food to the side. Of course after I was good and full I thought about what I could have done with that money that would’ve went a lot farther.

So I screwed my Focus Light back on and tried to make right the wrong in not thinking for the future. The next day I decided to go grocery shopping and plan my meals for the week. I went to Wally World and picked up items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a box of snacks for me and my daughter.  At the checkout counter the total bill came to around $32. That’s approximately $6.40 a day for two people for five days. I felt like such a winner! A person that orders out for lunch during the week is looking to spend $6-$8 a day, $30-$40 a week on themselves alone depending on where they eat. That’s not including breakfast, snacks, or dinner.

And then it came to me like an epiphany…

Wow! Imagine how much money I can save  by grocery shopping and planning ahead. I mean I’ve heard other people saying it but to actually experience it for yourself and seeing that extra cash at the end of the month is liberating. There are many reasons why we would choose fast food over cooking. Fast food is easier. Cooking is too time consuming, but the decision to carve out time to shop for wholesome, healthier foods holds much more weight (not in calories) than being able to grab a quick hot meal from the burger place. Think about it, anything/results worth having takes work and that’s no different than cooking. So to make cooking a lot easier, plan ahead.

Ok you want your daily servings of vegetables, fruit, and protein right?

  • Buy a variety of each for every day of the week.
  • Get a magnet calendar to place on your fridge or use your phone to plan your meal each day of the week.
  • If your meal will take an hour or more to cook, season it the night before or place it in the slow cooker.
  • If it’s something that can be whipped up in 30 minutes, do it the morning of before work or school and just heat it up when you get home.
  • Or if you’re really pressed for time during the week, cook your meals for each day on Sunday and freeze the rest until you’re ready to eat it.

Fast Food Lunch Meal

fast food

5 days of Home cooked Meals receipt and calories

home cooked


Planning ahead saves time for the working parents and for those trying to lose weight or maintain healthy eating habits, this is a great discipline for controlling your diet. It’s a win win situation.

To calculate the calories in your home cooked meal visit My Fitness Pal.