Ready, Set, Succeed!

Success to me is putting your divine purpose to work in service to another and profiting while doing it.

The reason why success is so difficult for some to define, recognize, and even to obtain is because it takes work. I would sing “I just want to be successful” in my most sincere Trey Songz voice, but I was not doing the work that was required to reach success. Success demands leadership characteristics. We all like to think of ourselves as a leader, but when we continuously follow the same habits we’ve always followed that has kept us stagnant at a mediocre level, we’re displaying follower characteristics. So why is it that we’re afraid of making that step to change?

1. We’re afraid of success. Can I keep it up? Will I fail? The answer to that challenge is to build your self-esteem and confidence.

At a leadership conference Brand consultant, Shirelle Latortue from wWb stated, ” You can not brand anything you’re not confident in.”

You are your brand, be confident!

2.  We have more excuses not to than will power to make that next step.  “I’m a single mom with no help.” “I don’t have time.”

Fear and excuses are like leaches. They suck the desire to seize opportunity out of you.

Life coach, Dr. Stacia Pierce, stated, “Excuses are dream delayers.”

I’m on this growth journey just like you, so I’m challenging all of you to address whatever idea you have that keep pressing on your heart today! You have pen, paper, a dream and a vision to carry it out which are more powerful start up tools than the money you don’t have. Start today writing down your ideas and add to it more and more everyday. The more attention you give to it, the more it will grow. Soon you will start to see opportunities arise, just don’t hesitate to grasp it. 

Must see video: Success, How bad do you want it?


One thought on “Ready, Set, Succeed!

  1. “you are a brand, ne confident” makes so much sense. defintely a new way to look at my road toward accomplishments! great Crecia

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