Teamwork makes the dream work…Who’s on your A-Team?

A business, a dream, an empire is not solely built by one person. One person may have their name on a brand given his idea they shared with the world, but it takes a teamwork to make a dream work. Sorry Drake, but I beg to differ in reference to your success, that it was “All you”. Somewhere someone along the way contributed something in your life to help get you resources you needed to reach your goal. These are the people we call to be on our A-team when trying to make our dreams come into fruition. These are the people we should keep around and associate  with most often. So who is on your A-team?

As a single mother, I look at my parents as being on my A team. I am traveling a lot of the time due to work and school so my daughter’s grandparents step in to help with her homework, to care for her while I’m not home, and provide the support she and I both need so that my daughter will not go lacking for anything.

As a student I consider my peers with the same concentration to be on my A-team. One person may not understand a concept that another does, but with us working together, we’re able to put our minds to work and piece it all together. We’re all trying to attain the same goal so we’re working on one accord when it comes to studying and gaining the understanding and knowledge we need to make the grade.

As a woman of faith I consider my leaders and covenant family as my A-team. I believe in the power of prayer and if you didn’t know before there are ups and downs when you’re working your way up. In the difficult times if I get weak or consider giving up, I can count on positive messages and divine insight to help strengthen my spirit to continue to carry the load.

Recently in a positive message from Bishop Charles Mellette, in reference to a man needing to get to The Source, the only way he got there was because he had 4 “crazy friends” that literally “tore the roof off” to get him to The Source. I realize the word “friend” is used very loosely these days, but your friends should be apart of your A-team. These are friends that believe in your vision, support you within their means, as simple as encouraging you along the way, and will do all they can to push you towards that dream.

Lastly, your business partners are on your A-team. Investors not only contribute financially, but they contribute knowledge, their skills, and ideas, and their time to help make the dream work.

These were all people I considered to be on my A-team because of the goal that I am trying to reach.

When considering who’s on your A-team, keep in mind the goal you’re trying to attain.

Someone who has a fitness goal will have other peers with the same goal on their A-team to encourage them to not quit, trainers or nutritionist to help point you in the right direction as what to eat or what exercises should be done for a specific result. Maybe you have an idea for a book, do you have a friend that you can run your ideas by? A teacher or family member than can edit your writing? When you’ve got that vision in mind one of the first steps should be building an A-team. Start today!



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