What to wear on your summer trip.

Recently I went on a trip to New Orleans, LA and if anyone doesn’t know it’s hot and very humid in the N’awlins in July. Like the last-minute person that I am, I was forced to find things to wear one day before I left. So to help out another here are a few go-tos for ladies to pack in your suitcase for a summer trip.

  1. Comfy clothes for the ride.

During a long drive, I personally prefer a pair of running shorts and a loose fitted top with sneaks to match. You don’t want to be bound by anything tight or nagging like a pair of jeans or a wired bra for a long time. (Do women still wear wired bras?) Now I’m NOT saying let the girls fly free, but a sports bra (with a little padding) will suffice.

Picture12.Fly clothes for the flight.

I DO NOT, I REPEAT, I DO NOT suggest the comfy sporty route (unless it’s super cute) for a quick flight, because let’s be real, you never know who you will run into at an airport.  And to neglect love at terminal C because you decided to wear your crocks instead of your booties is just sheer apathetic.  For a quick flight, I would go for a chic look like a printed T, a black blazer, and a pair of fitting boyfriend cropped jeans with a killer stiletto. No one can deny that look coming down the tarmac.


3. What’s a summer trip without a dip in the pool? 

Let’s be honest ladies it’s fashion over frugality when beaming poolside with your ice cold beverage getting kissed by the sun. So…make sure you have a nice cover-up. You can’t go wrong with a knit dress, linen sarong, or sheer/linen bottoms. Don’t forget your fabulous sun hat.


4. The main event.

So cropped tops and skirts have been my main squeezes this summer, but there are so many routes to take for the main event. Whether it be a concert, casino, party, or restaurant try to stick with a theme. For an All-White event I personally like a thin fabric jumpsuit. For an outside concert try a cropped top and skirt pair.  I’d try to be a bit fancy for a casino, even if you’re only chancing $20 there’s no reason to look like a bag of money (as Rozay would say). Let’s go for an evening gown or short sassy party dress. Don’t forget your fancy clutch to keep up with all of your chips.



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