Got Runner’s Itch?


So you’ve made up in your mind that now is the time, I’m going to start walking/jogging. I’m getting fit, enjoying nature and about a mile through the trail you start getting an itching sensation. You think oh something has bit me and you start scratching and you can’t stop. The itching becomes so annoying and after you’ve just about scratched all of the skin off of your body you just stop walking and go home. So much for day 1 on the trail or day 1 back on the trail. I know these two words doesn’t even seem like they belong in the same sentence, but it certainly happens and can be very annoying. Don’t worry, you’re not allergic to the outdoors (or maybe you are), but it’s more than likely runner’s itch. After a hiatus from the walking trail I’ve experienced runner’s itch myself the first time back. 

There are two reasons that I’ve found why this happens. One being when you start walking the blood flow through your blood vessels and capillaries increase in order to get to the muscles. Someone’s capillaries that’s used to living a sedentary lifestyle have collapsed slightly (which is normal) because they do not require a lot of blood flow, so in order to accommodate the increased blood flow during exercising, the capillaries expand. During that process adjacent nerves are sparked sending signals to the brain that say’s scratch me! To prevent this from happening keep those capillaries open by staying active. Don’t quit!


Some believe runner’s itch is an histamine response to prevent the body from going into exhaustion during the exercise and suggest you take an antihistamine before workout.

Good news is after about the first day or two it usually doesn’t happen again or is much less of a problem. Run on!!

Which Workout is Best for Me?


Now more than ever it seems like everyone is getting fit and wanting to live a more healthier lifestyle. You’re pumped about the idea of a better you, but have no clue as to where to begin. Most people just think about losing weight when they mention starting to work out, but there are actually several workout regimes that provide different results for various areas of your body and systems. Though you may not believe it as a beginner, some people actually look for workout regimes to gain weight; in muscle usually. The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is, “What goal(s) am I trying to attain?” You could be wanting to be more flexible, build more muscle, burn fat, or just tone up. But it is important to be clear on what results you’re looking for.

So now that we’ve got in our minds what results we’re looking to attain lets look at a few of the plethora of choices.

1. Yoga.

What is Yoga? The word comes from Sanskrit , an Indian language meaning to yoke, referring to the mind, body, and spirit together as one.  There are 6 branches of Yoga with several limbs stemming even from those branches. This regime focuses on flexibility and strength through  poses and postures. Once you can successfully achieve your personal pose of choice your body is believed to become one with the spirit and mind through balancing and meditation. 34

2. Aerobic Fitness.

Also known as Cardio, is an exercise to help raise your heart rate and keep it raised. This workout regime improves oxygen flow in your blood by increasing blood flow to your muscles, back, and lungs. Also with the increased movement your metabolism is kicked into high gear which helps burn fat. Most people choose cardio because it covers a wide range of exercises such as jogging, swimming, and fast walking.cardio exercise

3. Weight Lifting.

Is a Strengthening regime that builds muscle mass. In weightlifting, you use dumbells and barbells and other machines that hold dumb bells and barbells to perform a number of exercises. To gain strength the weights are increased over time. A lot of people choose to lift weights in addition to other workout regimes because it helps burn fat faster.weight-lifting-exercises













There are safety measures for all of these workouts so please take time to follow them.

You’ve got the platform, now all you have to do is make the decision and like Nike says, Just Do It ✓


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