Why IS it so hard to eat responsibly?

I’m looking at the 3 layer Hershey bar cake on the counter in the break room and I walk past it two or three times, sneaking a side eye peak before I actually go to slice the 2nd piece of the day.  Now in my mind I know that I don’t need that second slice, but for the life of me I could not resist the temptation of  just letting it sit there. I know i’m probably going to feel bloated afterwards. I know I’m quick to gain that pound and slow to lose it, yet I still succumb to the urge. Why is it so hard to resist that urge of indulgence in unhealthy eating habits?  I don’t want to categorize cake as an unhealthy food, because according to the USDA’s food pyramid, we are allotted to eat sweets(combined with fats and oils) sparingly. By the way have anyone successfully measured sparingly? Also, I don’t want to categorize eating healthy as only eating fruits and vegetables because I believe we should have a balance of all types of food, but in moderation of course.  What do we do when our temptations trumps our beliefs? Our problem actually comes in when we’re tempted to  indulge in something in an irresponsible way. We go back for seconds, despite being full.  It can be a “healthy” food, but if it is counterproductive to our health because of a specific health condition why can we not resist the temptation to eat it? For instance, someone without blood clotting disorders, Collard greens are great because they provide dietary fiber, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. But someone with blood clotting disorders and on blood thinners should not be eating greens because the Vitamin K interferes with the blood thinner and the first thing they’re singing at Sunday dinner is “Pass the greens like we used to do?” The temptation gets the best of us.

Ways to overcome our temptation. First you must be true to your self in knowing what thing or behavior causes you to fall to temptations and possibly cause a negative effect on you. Then…

1. Change your behavior.

  • We’re tempted by what we desire. Let’s try desiring foods that will create a positive effect rather than a negative one. Almonds, Salmon, and Soup helps keep tummies flat, but for those who are lactose intolerant, diary products will cause major bloating.
  • If you can’t get rid of it, then you walk away from it. The office could be having a birthday party and serving cake and ice cream and cupcakes. You can’t tell everyone to throw away their food because you’re trying to lose weight, they’ll look at you like… Kermit-The-Frog-Memes-Thats-None-Of-My-Business-Tho-What-The-Vogue







…Just say your well wishes and go back to your cubicle (If the urge is that real).

  • Don’t allow that thing that tempts you to occupy your space. Clear out junk food from your snack drawer at your desk.

2. Simply resist the urge.

  • Declare no matter what, you will not fall to temptation. Eventually it will go away.

3. Find a positive with benefits that outweighs the negative in falling for that temptation.

  • Fruits, vegetables, and nuts aren’t the only foods that are good for you, but they are foods that are high in nutritious value and low in calories which makes them a better snack choice than cookies, and pies, cake, or candy.
    • BESIDES…you do not need the bloating from the cookies, pies, and cake especially if you’re trying to fit into your body con skirt for the Saturday social.

4. Your will overbears temptation, make your will stronger than what tempts you and have faith in your will.

  • Knowing that your decision to not indulge will yield greater results for you in the future than what you can see at the moment you’re being tempted to eat irresponsibly will strengthen your will.

Finally your triumph over what tempts you allows you to help others with the same struggle and the struggle is indeed (1)

From one foodie to another.



2 thoughts on “Nutrition

  1. Lorddddddddd give me the strength! Those Lemon flavored OREO cookies are my weakness. I have been limiting myself by only putting a few in a snack size bag instead of bringing the entire bag to work. For me, preparation for today’s meals and snacks is what’s helping me do better.

  2. Great Post! Very relevant topics that women of ALL shapes and sizes can relate too! Keep up the Great Work Sis! I’m looking forward to reading more!!

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