How to beat the Monday morning beast!

Mondays may be the most dreaded day of the week for working adults or post-secondary young adults, but does it have to be? Here’s a quick list of Crespective’s top 5 remedies to beat the Monday morning beast.

  1. Declare it to be a GREAT Monday morning! A lot of the dread about Monday mornings are embedded in our attitude.  Try waking up with a ‘I got this’ attitude and transfer that attitude into your words by declaring, “Monday…I’m glad to see you, let’s get it done today!”



2.    Start your morning off with a jog/powerwalk.  Morning jogs/powerwalks not only puts you at one with our environment, it perform wonders for your body by getting the blood flowing and waking those muscles up. Also walking will give you time to sort out in your mind all of the task that need to be completed for the day.

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3.  Pack some power foods to increase your energy.  We can credit some fatigue to not getting enough of the nutrients we need, so to correct that tiredness that may hit us around 10:00am, or 3:00pm eat some power foods such as:

    • Eggs– contribute to energy to sustain you throughout the day.
    • Almonds- high in fiber and iron, and low in calories.
    • Vegetables- high in vitamin E which contributes to energy
    • Salmon- increases brain activity
    • Dark Chocolate- (If you MUST have caffeine) provides iron and magnesium

4. Stay hydrated! Of course the Miracle liquid itself, water, helps the body function at it’s best throughout the day. Try to challenge yourself to 8 glasses a day.

5. Do the Wobble! If the first 4 remedies doesn’t keep you in tip-top shape all day, do the wobble at lunch. It will wake you up, give you a quick workout, and plug-in some fun all at the same time.



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