Job Work, Kid’s Homework, MY Homework…OH MY!!!

Yes it does sound as overwhelming as Dorothy probably felt in an unknown land following a yellow brick road back home, but this is where a lot of people find themselves.  Maybe you’ve launched a new business, or made the decision to go back to college, which by the way could seem like munchkin land because the majority of the students are about 10 years younger than you are, but the point is, it’s a foreign place.

The only way you’re going to get to your goal is to follow the process set before you that leads to it.

So after day 1 your 3 professors hit you with the assignments due by Friday, your kid’s spelling and math test are Friday which you must prepare for Monday-Thursday, you have timelines to meet for your business by Friday, and quotas to meet at your job by Friday.

Sympathizing with Dorothy yet?

The thing is it CAN be done. There are super moms and super dads and super yous who are doing it daily, so the question is, “How are they making it do what it do?” (Crespective defines super yous as persons who are not  parents, but are equally stretched)

They are…


You must put 100% in getting your business of the ground, succeeding in your classes, raising your children, and pulling your load at the office. All of which are very high in importance so that leaves pretty little time for the family cookout this Sunday, or Girls night out this Saturday. It’s ok to say no to others while you’re bettering yourself. They’ll understand, and if they don’t…well that’s another blog post.


I like to take weekend trips usually out of the state, but that is about 3-6 hours driving time one way and usually a dent in my pocketbook. In order to stay head-above-water, try sacrificing leisurely activities and dedicate that time to studying  or creating business plans and save your money, cause you’ll need all you have for both endeavors.


I’ve gotten so sleepy at night trying to finish an assignment that I felt like crying, but I didn’t stop.  After nodding about 10 times in a row and typing liiik e t hiiis………….it seemed like I snapped wide awake and received a burst of energy to finish out of nowhere. Be disciplined enough to finish what you start no matter how tired you are.

Internally Motivated.

Let your push be greater upon yourself than the pushing of those that believe in you. When you’re doing something because you want it and not solely because other people want it for you, then you will always have that drive to reach that goal.

You see very little Yellow Brick Roads, which means these are roads less traveled, which further implies only certain people are set apart to do it…Is it you?


Positivity, try some. It does things for you!

I had a moment where I started to feel down on myself. Not because things were not happening for me, but because things were not happening the way I had originally planned them to happen. I’m convinced the reason we start to down ourselves is because we’re comparing our success stories, or have a lack of confidence in our own abilities. The moment was very brief though because


I refuse to live a defeated life and have a defeated mentality.” 


I have great encouraging people around me to help keep me focused.”

After prayer and listening to some inspirational tunes I was back on my 1-2 step ready to conquer the world again. It’s amazing what a little positivity can do to you.

Yep, Positivity does something to you!

Think about Pharrell William’s song Happy, a triple platinum hit that went viral across the world because of it’s positive message. When you listen you can’t help but shake a little, or clap, or tap your feet and nod to it. The song became an epidemic. Why? Because the positivity that flowed from the hit awakened gratefulness and hope out of you. Well at least it did for me. Here are a few other positive magnets I draw from…

1. A positive message gives me hope for my future. As a result every morning I’m expecting a great thing to stem from that positive message I heard.

  • Expectations fuels hope. Expect the Great!

2. Positive movers and shakers around me inspires me to get to moving myself.

  • Your great idea will never be any use to anyone else unless you share it.

3. Positive people lifts spirits, create beautiful smiles, and ultimately change lives.

  •  Someone at some point has done it for you. Are you doing your part?

Whatever you need to do to get that extra boost whenever you’re lacking (& it happens to us all), find your positive go-to book, blog, or person and re-up on your daily dose of goodness. That’s right, make it a habit because we deserve to live our very best everyday!

Need help finding a little positivity? Don’t worry, I gotcha!

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