Must have eats! New Orleans Style.

Food Food and more food was the second most thing I looked forward to during my trip to New Orleans, LA. With New Orleans sitting right along the Mississippi River, Seafood was the main entrée for most of my dishes, but the Cajun/Creole seasonings made it Louisianatized.

Crespective’s rule of thumb when visiting new places is to check the reviews. It will save you time and money if you know what to expect beforehand.

My first stop was Oceana Grill.


3.5/5 stars on yelp 4.5/5 stars on trip advisor 78% on urbanspoon

I overlooked the fact that we stood in a long line outside of the restaurant for about 20 minutes because it was a major festival weekend in the heart of Bourbon Street, but after taking a gazillion selfies and laughing with friends 20 minutes seemed like two. When we first walked in everyone was laughing and having a good time, so that was the second thumbs up. After we were seated we had a server that provided excellent customer service the entire evening. He was funny and engaging and very knowledgeable about the questions we asked concerning the menu. You may think that being knowledgeable about what you’re selling is a given, but we all know that some just work for a paycheck.

I ordered the Redfish Oceana which is a Chef Special $18.5 Detailed on the menu as Sautéed redfish topped with their very own crawfish mushroom sauce. The entrée is served with roasted garlic potatoes and vegetables. My first bite was immaculate. It was served warm and the cream sauce added just enough kick to keep me wanting more and more. Oceana did not skimp on the seasonings with the vegetables and potatoes as well. I try not to indulge when eating a big platter, but I definitely finished the entire plate in one sitting.10423706_10100535177192500_538855516801453356_n

Crespective gives Oceana Grill 5/5

Ashamedly, I didn’t hear about beignets until I watched Disney’s Princess and The Frog with my daughter in 2009. I figured if Princess Tiana’s “Man-Catching Beignets” were good enough for the 5 time King of Mardi-Gra ‘Big Daddy’ Mr. Labouff, I must give them a try.

After searching for reviews the top restaurant was Café Du Monde.


4/5 stars on yelp 4/5 stars on tripadvisor 93% on urbanspoon

New Orleans metropolitan area has 8 locations for Café Du Monde, the original in the French Market. I visited Café Du Monde located in the Riverwalk Marketplace. I liked how I could see through a glass wall how my beignet dough was knead, fried, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Some other customers enjoyed their beignets with a fresh cup of Coffee or Chicory served Café Au Lait. For sure this sweet sensation satisfied my appetite. It was served warm and the dough tasted fresh.10447867_10100535568563190_8885713365244634013_n

Crespective gives Café Du Monde 5/5

The Ruby Slipper


4/5 yelp 4.5/5 tripadvisor  92% urbanspoon


The Ruby Slipper I heard was most special for their breakfast/brunch and when I got around the corner of Canal St I was made a believer by seeing the line outside the door at 8:00am. I decided to be a bit more prepared the next morning by arriving at 7:30am. I enjoyed the Bananas Foster Pain Perdu $11. This Banana Foster was detailed in the menu as French-bread based French toast with rum-flambèed

bananas & raisins, served with applewood-smoked bacon. I didn’t stop with the French toast, I went on to taste the Spanish Omelet as well $10 detailed in the menu as Spicy chorizo sausage, red onions, pepperjack cheese & a roasted red pepper coulis. To accompany these two deelish treats were fresh fruit and multigrain toast. The cappuccino $3.50 topped it off as well. During out meal we were served with excellent customer service and got to bounce in my chair a little to some R&B/ Soul sounds; what a great way to wake up.10491979_10100535999734120_735354232284080472_n

Crespective gives The Ruby Slipper 5/5

Royal House Oyster Bar


4/5 yelp 4/5 tripadvisor 89% urban spoon


Royal House was a more laid back more formal dining experience for me. Although my party brought a little noise the employees were alright with that. Chef Steve Young put every bit of his 23 year cooking experience in these cuisines. I got to experience fried Alligator for the first time and my first thought of the meaty bites were “it tastes like chicken (with a little twist)”, but it was a treat indeed. The Alligator was served with cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. My main dish was the delectable Pecan-Crusted Mahi Mahi detailed in the menu as Fresh fillet pan-seared and topped with shrimp sautéed in a Crystal lemon butter cream sauce. The Mahi Mahi was served with roasted Red Bliss potatoes and our chef’s vegetables. The savory taste of this meal had me fulfilled at the end of the (5)

Crespective gives The Royal House 5/5


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